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Tips on how to clean and care for your leather iPhone case

May 22, 2019 1 Comment

In the past, the trend has always been to get a plain black iPhone case, especially because we’ve been taught that only “they” can be protective. Right? Wrong! Hitcase’s Ferra Leather iPhone case has officially dismantled that myth and created an inexpensive way to personalize your iPhone while still getting the protection value that you’ve come to love about the action-oriented brand.

Think about it this way; an iPhone case is like your accessory. A jacket that you wear which completely transforms the mood of an outfit. Or a coffee mug that you drink out of on a cloudy day when you’re letting your feeling low… Everyone has a favorite mug and a favorite jacket. Why? Because there’s something about them that feels special. The same thing applies to your iPhone case.

Leather iPhone Xs Case


As soon as you’re ready to make the upgrade to a Hitcase Ferra Leather iPhone Case, you’ll be met with two options; black or brown… If you choose to go with a brown case, then you’ll be in luck, because as the case ages, it looks richer.

But why take a chance hoping that the patina will come out even when you can age your Hitcase Ferra today, and ensure that as time goes by, the color of your case is evenly rich?

Let’s do it!

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5 Easy Steps to Get an even Patina on Your Brown Hitcase Ferra Leather iPhone Case

Step 1: Admittedly, the brown Hitcase Ferra looks pretty good brand new. A lot of brand new phone cases in the color “saddle brown” and the like usually turn out looking very yellow, hence people’s need to immediately Patina it. Not this time, so you’d be forgiven for wanting to take a chance and see how the iPhone case will turn out, all on its own.

Brown leather iPhone case


Step 2: If you want to see change ASAP, then let’s get cracking!

Remove your Hitcase Ferra leather iPhone case from its packaging, get a low grit (soft) sandpaper. Note: You can skip this step entirely if you want to patina your Hitcase slowly, without too much fuss and use a baby wipe.  But, if you want to use an oil, then grab that sandpaper.

While you’re at it, keep in mind that the natural oils from your hands are also going to darken the phone case in time, so places like the center of the phone and the outside edges, shouldn’t be sanded too much!

sanding leather iphone

Step 3: To darken your Hitcase Ferra, there isn’t really an ideal oil that you can use. As a matter of fact, if you prefer to simply use baby wipes and leave your Hitcase Ferra right next to your Louis Vuitton bag in your sunniest window to patina, that’s quite alright. Just remember that you need to wipe your Ferra at the end of every day, just to remove any dirt and dust that might have gathered there. After a week, it should be ready!

If you prefer to use oil, then you could be like the others who prefer to spill a bit of espresso on their iPhone and patina it that way. Whichever way you choose should work, as long as you work the oil into the leather with a paper towel or even a beauty pad — but be careful, you don’t want bit of cotton getting everywhere.

iphone leather oil


Step 4: Again, if you chose the oil method, then you’ll need to let your Hitcase Ferra sit in the sun for a while, depending on the type of oil that you used, you might need that sunlight to be caught outside. The sun will help to accelerate the patina process, but to prevent your house from reeking, putting your Hitcase Ferra outside will help to air it out.


Step 5: Put the Ferra on your iPhone and start getting used to it. It’ll definitely feel awkward to the touch in the beginning — rough in some places and then color might not necessarily be what you like, but don’t worry, give it some time, about a week, and you’ll see (and feel the difference). If you aren’t that patient, you can use your thumb to worry the leather and that will speed up the smoothening process some more. Do the worrying at random times in the day, at random parts on the phone as just an idle thing. No need to concentrate on it.

And that! is how you can get an even and rich patina on your Hitcase Ferra Leather iPhone case.

So how do you maintain this beautiful part of having a Hitcase Ferra leather iPhone case?

Clean Your Hitcase Ferra Leather iPhone Case in 5 Steps

The Ferra leather iPhone case is made from natural leather. Its appearance will change as you use it. We already know about this from the fact that we’ve already patina-ed it!

Do not be alarmed, cleaning the leather might affect its color some more.

Should you choose to clean your Hitcase Ferra, it would be advisable to first remove it from your iPhone so as not to get any liquids into the nooks and crannies of your phone.

Keep your iPhone case away from prolonged intense sunlight, heat, and humidity. Exposure to water, oil, makeup, and dyed materials (such as denim) can stain tanned leathers.

What you’ll need to clean your Hitcase Ferra Leather iPhone case:

  1. Clean Cotton Cloth
  2. Hand Soap
  3. Saddle Soap

Step 1: Once a month, remove the Ferra from your iPhone from the case.

Step 2: Damped (not wet) the clean cotton cloth and rub in a small amount of hand soap on to it. Squeeze your cotton cloth and keep rubbing the soap in, to ensure that it’s evenly distributed.

Step 3: Gently start rubbing the entire leather iPhone case and focus more on the dirty spots. Do this in a circular motion. Be careful not to rub your Ferra with a lot of pressure as this can cause the leather to be stretched or warped. This very important not to do, no matter which brands of leather iPhone case you have.

Step 4: To further protect your Ferra, you can use saddle soap to help condition and restore the leather after a thorough clean. A lot of people don’t really care about this step, but it really does make a difference, so don’t skip it!

Step 5: Allow the case to fully dry before putting back on your phone.

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Your iPhone is just as much a part of you as any other object that you’ve thought thoroughly about before purchasing. Don’t feel bad about investing just a little bit more money (and time in the long run) in your phone case, because you’re afraid of what others might say.

You’ve already gone ahead and spent a fair bit of change on your iPhone, so why shouldn’t you take it all the way with its protection?

How has your experience with leather iPhone cases been? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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