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Does your iPhone XR need a Protective Phone Case?

April 12, 2019 1 Comment

Sure, your iPhone XR is not as expensive as the iPhone XS or XS Max -- but it is still an iPhone after all. So now you’re faced with the conundrum of whether you should or shouldn’t get a protective phone case for your iPhone XR...

Does your iPhone XR need a case

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Make a Splash with your iPhone XR’s Case

I mean, you’ve probably read everywhere, including Wikipedia that, the iPhone XR has similar hardware to the XS, but with some features removed to reduce the price. Yeah, yeah… But it’s still an iPhone, which means that the iPhone XR still ain’t cheap! With that being said, the iPhone XR can still hold its own in a “shootout” with the best of them.

Granted, unlike the iPhone XS, the XR might not have optical zoom, because of the single camera, but what it lacks in hardware, it makes up for with pure heart... So what kind of protective case would work for such a hearty phone? The Hitcase Splash, of course!

The Splash™ is your iPhone XR’s soon-to-be new skin. And the emphasis is placed on the word, “skin”! If Splash were a person, its personality would be protective, confident, fun, and ride-or-die. Drop-resistant and waterproof to 10ft/3m, lightweight, slim, with a soft-grip exterior and lightning fast installation. Not to toot our own horn (but beep beep), Splash is the case you wish you always had. Why? Let’s take a quick look at the iPhone XR...

Even though the iPhone XR has a single-camera setup in the rear, it does come with a modified version of Portrait Mode. Basically, when you take pictures with the rear camera it attempts to calculate depth of field using a combination of the focus pixels on the image sensor and AI, which means that, unfortunately, you won’t get a buttery bokeh due to the lack of an internal “telephoto” lens. With that being said, third-party camera apps will allow Portrait Mode to work on other subjects as well.

For everything else, there are Hitcase’s interchangeable waterproof lenses!

Hitcase Splash Waterproof Case’s Stand-Out Features

Designed to match any other premium protective iPhone case, the Splash is as high in quality as it is in ease of installation, use and removal. Unlike a lot of phone cases, it can stand to be submerged up to 3 metres underwater -- which means, “hello under water b-roll” for video content! In case it slips out of your hands for whatever reason, you can still rest assured that your phone will be nestled in the bosom of a durable, yet soft TPU interior. In plain English; Splash has got your phone’s back!

Underwater iPhoneography


  • Lightening fast device installation: easy in, easy out with the Splash's 2 piece design
  • IP68 waterproof rating to 10ft/3m
  • MIL-SPEC Shock rating, drop-proof to 6ft/2m
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • DuroSoft™ TPU exterior fully encloses your iPhone and keeps it safe
  • Ultra-flat screen, aka gets you closer to your iPhone
  • Soft touch exterior, pocketable but confident grip
  • Always be ready for action with the REDi™ Shutter Button

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Splash into Summer with more Style

“If the idea of wielding a $1000 smartphone terrifies you – and really, it should – then you might be tempted to shell out for something seriously strong. And that could be the Hitcase Splash. It's a fully protective solution, with two frame pieces that snap together along with protective shielding on both the front and back. The case itself is waterproof up to 10ft and drop-proof up to 6ft, plus it has a couple of handy bonus features: a camera shutter button on the upper left, along with the ability to attach external TrueLUX camera lenses. ”

-Andrew Hayward, Tech Reviewer, Stuff

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As previous Hitcase customers put it, “when you know, you know…”

That’s always been the case with Hitcase products. Once you’ve experienced the freedom and grit of a phone case, then you’ll have a natural inclination to give the lenses a test drive. That’s how it starts. Once you know, you can’t just pretend that you don’t know anymore.

So now that you know about the Hitcase Splash and how your iPhone XR can get its much-deserved and premium protection, are you ready to join the family?

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1 Response

Johannes Svedrup
Johannes Svedrup

April 17, 2019

Hi. Will the “PRO” fit for XR phone later??