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Do Leather Cases Protect iPhones?

June 05, 2019

Short answer? It really depends. And by that, I mean that it depends on the type of brand you’re getting your iPhone case from.

For example, does the iPhone case maker have a reputation for only creating protective gear? And if they do, are they the type of seller who created phone cases from every device, versus a seller who specializes in iPhones? Believe it or not that matters too!

Think about it; you’ve gone ahead and spent a great deal of money acquiring your iPhone, you wouldn’t cover it with just anything, right? If you’re going to get a luxury leather case for aesthetics, it would be great if cases for iPhones were also protective.


Do Leather Cases Protect iPhones?

Enter Hitcase’s new leather iPhone case called the “Ferra”...

Why yes, this is indeed a Hitcase Review

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Are Leather iPhone Cases Any Good?

Hell yeah, if we’re talking about the Hitcase Ferra that’s been crafted with premium full-grain Italian Leather and stainless steel beveled hardware to become a luxury leather case

Unlike a lot of leather iPhone cases that focus purely on aesthetics, and aren’t very good (to answer your question), the Hitcase Ferra is able to satisfy your needs for a  slim, ultra-light iPhone case that combines traditional leatherwork style with solid day-to-day protection for your phone.

Gone are the days of having to sacrifice looks for function…

With the Hitcase Ferra – Form meets function with this leather luxury phone case, magnificently hand cut, hand sewn and hand-pressed, Ferra was designed to feel exactly like a high-end wallet, pair of shoes or a stand-alone piece of leather furniture: soft yet strong with incredible attention to detail and quality. Ferra is craftsmanship you can actually feel.

To be fair, it’s not that other leather cases for iPhones are bad, but more often than not, they’re simply not as good looking as Ferra, and if they are, you probably shouldn’t trust them any higher than 2 inches above the ground. Just saying.

However, if they’re super secure and can withstand getting beaten up, then they’re going to have way too much bulk and weight. This is exactly where the Hitcase Ferra differs. You get the good looks that match up with your iPhone and the aesthetic (and safety) that customers have come to expect from Hitcase.

Hitcase offers the right combination of both drop and scuff protection without reminding you that you are indeed protecting your phone. You can just relax and rest assured that your iPhone is being taken care of in the most tasteful manner with our luxury leather case.

Is the Hitcase Ferra Luxury Leather iPhone Case For You?

The Ferra Leather Case is designed exclusively for the iPhone X/Xs and the iPhone Xs Max. Unfortunately, if you don’t own any of the above iPhones, then the Hitcase Ferra Leather iPhone case is not going to work for you.


Do Leather Cases Protect iPhones?

However, if you do have an iPhone X/Xs or an iPhone Xs Max, you will absolutely be amazed by how much the Hitcase Ferra feels exactly like a high-end wallet: soft yet strong with painstaking attention to detail and quality.

Full leather gives Ferra its iconic premium feel, but the stainless-steel beveled hardware is the technology that you’ve come to love and respect from Hitcase. As we say, once you put Ferra on, you won’t want to take it off as a true luxury leather iPhone case.  

  • Full-grain, hand-sewn, dyed, cut and pressed Italian leather
  • Premium 304 stainless steel beveled hardware
  • Soft microfiber interior cradles your iPhone
  • Drop protection to 6ft/2m
  • Easily pocketable with a confident grip
  • TrueLUX Lens compatible - easily attach magnetic lenses on the go for better photo and video capture
  • Wireless charging compatible

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The Hitcase Ferra has been designed to mirror luxury leather goods like shoes, wallets and even artisanal leather furniture; soft yet rugged with impressive attention placed on the minor details — it is hand-crafted after all. Basically, the Hitcase Ferra is a piece of luxury that you can fit in your pocket.

    Do Leather Cases Protect iPhones?

    Ferra combines traditional leatherwork with beautiful stainless steel touch-points, compatible with the magnetic TrueLUX iPhone Lens system for even more variety of use.

    This leather iPhone case comes in two hand-dyed colours:

    1. Saddle Brown
    2. Black

    Both the Saddle Brown and Black Ferra leather iPhone cases are available for less than $40, giving a new name to affordable luxury.

    So, here’s our question to you:

    How has your experience with luxury leather cases for iPhones been? Tell us about them in the comments below.


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