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Best Luxury Leather iPhone Cases: Meet the Ferra from Hitcase

August 19, 2019

If you're looking for the best in luxury leather iPhone cases, you don't need to try out dozens of brands and models before you find the perfect, endgame case.

That's because we did the hard work for you and created a protective, luxurious leather case that takes the best from all the leather cases for iPhones out there and combines them into one, be-all and end-all case -- and it just might be the last iPhone case you buy. That is, until you upgrade your iPhone.

A luxury leather iPhone case -- the Ferra.

Introducing The Ferra by Hitcase

It's called the Ferra, and it's a luxury leather iPhone case from our new design series, which prioritizes feel, touch and svelte looks, along with a commitment to protection that won't leave your brand new iPhone broken after the first bump or drop.

After all, it's still a Hitcase, and you get a full six feet of drop protection -- enough to mitigate those pesky head-height drops while you're chatting with friends or snapping pictures.

But this isn't some bulky monstrosity. It's a luxury leather iPhone case, and one of the thinnest and lightest cases we make. And the premium materials -- full-grain Italian leather, a microfiber interior and stainless steel tactile buttons -- are a pleasure to interact with and use.

After all, some estimates say we touch our phones thousands of times a day -- as many as 5,000.

So wouldn't you like to use a case that begs to be touched, not some plastic abomination that has rough edges and a slick, slimy surface that encourages drops.

We do. And it's why we made the Ferra.

Not Really Alternatives

Unlike typical lifestyle brands that say "why not?" and slap ill-fitting but premium leather onto a cheap plastic backing from China or into a complicated and convoluted pouch or wallet that can only loosely be called a luxury leather iPhone case, we designed the Ferra from the ground up to protect and inspire.

We thought about the materials that you touch and the materials that touch your iPhone, making sure that your phone has the protection it needs for a continued, day-to-day existence in the modern world, all within a case that can amaze and inspire with an attention to detail and a level of craftsmanship that doesn't immediately downgrade the feel of your premium phone the second you stuff it in a case.

Additionally, the "luxury" leather iPhone cases you can buy from most phone case manufacturers aren't made from real leather at all -- they're often made from cheap plastic polyurethane (PU) or other kinds of fake "pleather." They sort of look the part, especially when new, but in just a few weeks or months they'll start flaking and ripping in ways that real, genuine leather would never behave.

And even if it's made from bona fide leather, unless the fit is perfect and the buttons exact, you can spend more time struggling with your phone's case than effectively interacting with your phone. 

Even Apple's official leather case has issues, and recent reviews on the Apple store's website chastise the company for a lousy product that cracks and stains under normal use in just a few weeks. Others question the case's drop rating and have come to realize that like most cases out there, the case is primarily for aesthetics, not protection.

And for a case that'll cost you a week's worth of lattes, that's not good enough.

A luxury leather iPhone case -- the Ferra.

What About The Ferra?

On the other hand, with the Ferra you get a luxury leather iPhone case that looks as good as it protects. And unlike other leather cases that start disintegrating as soon as you put them on, the Ferra develops a gorgeous patina -- a fancy word for the aged look of worn-in leather goods -- that'll change and adapt itself to your unique lifestyle. 

And because we're not talking about unsightly gashes, cracks and scrapes that love to accumulate on lesser plastic cases, you won't have to toss your new case out of embarrassment after just a week or two of use.

Indeed, every day that you use your iPhone inside the Ferra is another opportunity to add to its gorgeous appearance, not another reason to hide your phone and its case anytime you're out in public or around friends.

And who cares if you have 10 color options and dozens of printed designs if they all look terrible or don't do their job of protecting your phone in the first place. 

With the Ferra you get just two options: classic saddle brown and black -- because we'd rather do two colors right than a bunch of colors and designs that don't really do anything to protect your phone.

Not Just a Case

But the one thing you get with the Ferra that you definitely won't get with any other leather case out there is the ability to affix one of our three ingenious lenses, making it the only luxury iPhone leather case that helps you be more creative when you use it.

The secret is the power and simplicity of magnets -- don't worry, they won't harm your phone, credit cards or other devices -- which securely attaches one of our TrueLUX lenses such as the Wide, SuperWide and Macro to your iPhone's main, rear-facing camera.

Designed with the best optics in mind, our lenses have edge-to-edge clarity you'll have to see to believe, and their portability and robustness are great for photographers that don't want to always bring their complete rig -- a bulky camera, lenses, backpack and a tripod -- with them everywhere they go.

And because our lenses are water proof and scratch resistant, you don't have to baby them like traditional lenses that can go bad if you so much as look at them sideways -- even if you still have to baby your luxury iPhone leather case a bit.

If you get all three (part of our iPhone lens kit), you'll also get a convenient carrying case in addition to a healthy discount.

iPhone Lens Kit

The TrueLUX Wide

First up is the TrueLUX Wide, which lets you fit twice as much stuff in your photos and videos over the stock iPhone camera, making it ideal for landscape, travel and sport iPhone photography.

Like your DSLR lenses, it's made from multi-element optical glass that doesn't vignette or distort your images. In fact, there's very little chromatic aberration, and the anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings ensure that a little bit of sun or a bump against a solid object won't ruin your lens or your day.

The TrueLUX SuperWide

If the Wide isn't enough for you, try the Hitcase TrueLUX SuperWide, which, when attached to the back of your luxury leather iPhone case, increases the field-of-view to that classic "fisheye" look you've seen time and again in countless music videos and action sports clips.

In addition to creating images that look unlike any other iPhone photo, it's great for putting more distance between you and your subject, which can really be useful if you have a tough time capturing the sheer scope of the things you're shooting.

Like the wide, it also contains triple-element, optical grade glass, and it works with the iPhone's built-in optical image stabilization, so you won't get a bunch of fuzzy and blurry images just because you want a different look.

The TrueLUX Macro

But if, instead of cramming more into the frame, you're looking to capture the interesting elements of tiny worlds, you'll love the TrueLUX Macro.

With three times the magnification of a stock iPhone lens, the Macro produces the sharpest image in its class with a two-element glass lens that weighs just 10 grams -- our other two lenses weigh 22 grams each -- so you can take it and any of our lenses anywhere you go without worrying about fragile glass because they're drop-proof, waterproof and scratch-proof.

The Macro also has a focusing distance of 12 to 22 mm, which is much wider and makes it easier to use than traditional macro lenses. 

Go Hitcase

Here at Hitcase, we're passionate about iPhone protection and the ability to take your iPhone with you everywhere you go. But we understand that not everyone wants to climb Everest or jump out of perfectly working planes with their phones, documenting every little struggle and moment of excitement along the way.

That's why we started our new design series and made the Ferra, because an everyday type of protection is still important when you're rocking a luxury iPhone leather case.

After all, what good is a phone case when it doesn't actually protect your phone -- a phone that is trying to jump out of your hands and onto the hard ground at every clumsy moment or brush of excitement.

Seriously, these things are made out of mostly glass and complicated computer bits, and they don't really respond well to being abused or even being cared for normally -- stuff happens!

So stop beating around the bush and telling yourself you'll finally ditch the overpriced warranty for the comfort and protection of a legitimate case. The Ferra is the best Italian leather case that is a great alternative to our more robust cases. While not sacrificing protection just because it's a beautiful case that feels great in hand.

Go Ferra and go Hitcase!

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