Hitcase Survives Avalanche For Almost A Year


Hitcase Survives Avalanche

How tough is the Hitcase? One of our users Alex Andrews was caught in an avalanche last year and lost his iPhone in it. Fortunately, he had it in a Hitcase. Andrew found his Hitcase protected iPhone today, about 9 months after the incident!

Here’s what Alex had to say about the incident:

I was on a shoot for Brighton Ski Resort called “A Brighton Perspective”. I had a cameraman and photographer with me and I knew about this early season backcountry jump, just a short mellow hike from the lift, close to the trees. We hiked up there, and it was epic conditions, a sunny, blue sky day.

I dropped in and I had my phone / Hitcase out. I was going to do a quick selfie pow run down to the jump. I stopped just before the shoot, sliced a turn, and cut off a foot-and-a-half wide forty foot slide, I was thinking “Holy shit…” I ended up grabbing a tree and I was totally fine. I had the photographer and filmer ping pong down through the super tight trees to where the jump was at, so if anything did happen I would be in between them.

I felt super confident. They were maybe 200 yards away. So I said “F*** it. If something breaks I’ll just ride it out.” That was my mindset at the time.

I dropped in and I could have sworn I was recording, I made three or four turns, and then the slope went from under me, it was such a heavy slide, like quick sand. It started sucking me in and I was riding with it, still clinging to the Hitcase in my hand. The slide basically flipped me. My pole snapped in half and, from then on, I was just trying to survive. I started swimming through the snow as fast as I could. I was completely buried at this point, but I could see a beam of light so I started pushing towards what I thought was the surface. Then, just before the avalanche stopped, it flipped me at the last second.

My head was uncovered. I started freaking out, frantically digging myself through the snow. Very very scary. I didn’t ride for the next four days.

I realized I needed to learn a lot more about the conditions and it gave me a new perspective. I’m not going to be an idiot any more when it comes to snow conditions. Even though I know that mountain so well, I got over confident.

As for the phone? I wasn’t even going to try and look for it. The snow was so hard and deep. We tried calling it but the conditions were so bad we didn’t want to risk hanging around. So I got a new phone and the summer rolled around.

It was early August and I hiked up there to see if I could find the phone. There was still some trapped glacier snow, about a foot deep. I couldn’t find it. Yesterday I got an iPhone 6, and I had another iPhone 5, but I thought to myself “I should go up and see if I can find my other 5 one last time.” I knew that if it was in that case it would probably be fine.

I hopped on my dirt bike and ripped up the hill. This was super high, about 9500 feet. There were no hiking trails near it so I was bush whacking before I got to the zone. It turned out to be right where I thought it would be. It was in the terrain trapped snow that needed to melt more. My phone was sitting there and the case had held up super well. I Took it home and powered it up! Even with all the mud, the ice, and the sun, it was still all good!

There was no footage. I thought for sure there would be. I ended up giving the phone to my Dad. He’s never had one before so I gave him that one, a 5s.

The Life Of The Party Is Your Hitcase

Hitcase Pro, Hitcase PRO+, News.

The Hitcase is designed to effectively withstand the punishing elements of nature and the physical abuse of action sports. The potential dangers to mobile devices of these intense activities aren’t that much different from a good party. To iPhones, water sports are like drinking games and dancing is like off-roading.

I used to be one of the directors at New York City’s former greatest nightclub, Sound Factory, and remember the bartenders joking about how many phones they see people ruining by spilled drinks every night. The cleanup crew would even find a few of them sitting in the bottom of toilets or cracked on the dance floor.

That was back in 2001 when mobile phones were rare compared to how it is now. So many Samsungs, HTCs and Nokias destroyed in the name of fun, but no matter. It’s the iPhones that that matter. Sure it’s the best smartphones but it’s still susceptible to breaking and drowning when you’re carelessly partying.

With the new Hitcase Pro +, you’ll get twice the better sound recorded throughout all those ambient party sounds to go along with the super wide angle to get the most party for your shots. Party selfies will never be the same.

Furthermore, you also won’t have to worry about that random drunk person you ask to take a photo of you and your friends. Dropped? No prob. Spilled drink? No prob.

As for myself, I’ve been having lots of fun taking first person view “cheers” shots with my Hitcase.

The Hitcase provides the same epic shots as the GoPro Hero series but with increased durability and the compactness of a pocket camera. But those are additional items you don’t want to be responsible for at a party, especially when you’re going to have your iPhone with you anyways. The only real potential problem left of having an iPhone equipped with a waterproof / shockproof case at a party is losing it. But even that’s been remedied with the included wrist strap, or if at a pool / beach / boat party, you can attach it to the new FloatR strap.

With a Hitcase in-hand, you can party on without a care and enjoy the party, all the while capturing those hazy moments on camera. Carrying an extra camera or a massive SLR while partying doesn’t sound so fun.

True story: Everyone has that friend who likes to throw parties in their own home but freaks out when a drink is on the table without a coaster. Just use a Hitcase. The nice rubber-like grippy texture will firmly hold any drink in place and start some interesting conversations.

If you want to party hard, do it with a Hitcase.

Hell, you can consider the Hitcase party equipment.

Next time you party, don’t drink and drive but do put a Hitcase on that iPhone Five.

We Have Some Exciting New Hitcase Products in the Pipeline for iPhone 6


Are you excited about the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus?

We are too! While there are a slew of new improvements, it’s the camera and video features that have the whole Hitcase team fired up.

Check out some of these new features:

  • New iSight camera with a next gen sensor
  • Improved autofocus
  • Digital image stabilization on iPhone 6
  • Optical image stabilization on the iPhone 6 Plus
  • 240 frames per second slowmo in 720p. That’s really slow.
  • Continuous focus in video mode

We are building Hitcases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ and we are stoked to say they will be available later this year.

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Investment Firm Gives Hitcase A Shoutout!

Hitcase PRO+, News.

Check out this investment video with John Fichthorn of Dialectic Capital Management where he explains his position on GoPro.

John explains where he thinks GoPro is going and one of the reasons being that there are other devices like the Hitcase which has the benefit of doing almost everything the GoPro does. He says, “you can buy a Hitcase today for $150 and it can give you a lot of the functionality (as a GoPro)”…”

And “…I actually think the fact that my cellphone is connected immediately when I take those videos makes it a more compelling device today than the GoPro which I have to plug back in…”

“(GoPro)…competes with your basic smartphone that’s already got 1080p that you can stick in a plastic case and get wide angle viewing and attach it to a stick and essentially it’s a GoPro. Gives it a lot of functionality…”

There may be some confusion in the video that the Hitcase is not helmet mountable now which it is but as John says “A lot of people use a lot of things other than just sticking them on your helmet.”

The Hitcase wide angle referred to in the video is the Hitcase PRO+ which comes with a monopod.


Visual Proof of Hitcase’s Protective Capabilities

Hitcase Pro, News.

The Hitcase Pro Opened

The Hitcase Pro is called the HITcase for a good reason.

The featured image is the original Hitcase Pro that’s responsible for all the photos and video stills below and more. I’ve used this exact unit heavily every single day for nearly 2 years all around the world. It’s been dropped, thrown, submerged and even used as a hammering tool. Despite this, it still has no structural damage and still functions with 100% efficiency. Even the always exposed wide lens still takes wonderful photos like it was brand new.

Though I could have replaced my current Hitcase Pro (first production model) for no money out of my pocket, meaning a brand new case, I declined as there was simply no need to retire it. Then I learned about the new model coming out soon, the Hitcase PRO+. The best just got better-er. The only valid reason to get a new Hitcase.

Needless to say, my iPhone 5 never suffered any damage or even a hint of moisture penetration. It just rests peacefully cradled within the glove-like fit of the Hitcase, completely protected and without a care in the world.

A happy iPhone is a good iPhone.

Without further a due, here is the visual proof of the Hitcase Pro in real life action, not controlled lab tests. Actions that would have destroyed a naked iPhone or if encased in a lesser case.

River Rafting with the Hitcase Pro in IndonesiaThis photo was taken while I was river rafting somewhere in Bali, Indonesia. The Hitcase served me well that day as the water was indeed rough as you can see my partner falling off the raft. Moments later my iPhone flung out of my hands and hit a rock, luckily the Hitcase did it’s job perfectly.

Accidental Selfie with a Hitcase Pro on a Boat at the Gili IslandsThis was a rather happy accident. While island hopping the Gili Islands, I threw my iPhone (I’m on the bottom left in black trunks) across the boat to try to get it into my bag. I missed and it hit the engine, bounced high and when it finally landed it took this photo from the force.

Playing Catch with a Hitcase Pro on the Beach of Koh SametThis next photo I DO NOT recommend but am compelled to tell you what’s possible with a Hitcase. We were playing catch with a football on the beach of Koh Samet and someone got the idea to tape my iPhone to the ball and hit “record”. This photo is a still of the exact moment before I caught the ball.

Selfie with a Hitcase Pro during a Typhoon in TaipeiThis selfie was taken during a typhoon on the streets of Taipei. I wouldn’t have even considered taking out my iPhone if not protected with a Hitcase in such weather conditions, obviously.

Trying to Pick up my Hitcase Pro while it sinks into Quicksand in a Jungle in CambodiaFrom the look of my face you might think it’s anger, but it’s actually anguish. Not because I was worried my iPhone would be damaged by the quicksand swallowing it up but because I wasn’t sure if it was recording. This Cambodian quicksand had nothing on my Hitcase.

These may be extreme examples of the protective capabilities of the Hitcase but it was real world situations as an adventurer. So whether you have a Hitcase for action activities or just everyday use, you can count on the safety of the iPhone it was so well engineered to protect.

With a Hitcase, you can really “hit it” – literally and figuratively.

Hitcase Hits Over 10K Instagram Followers


We just hit 10k!!!!! This is a big deal for us. Thank you so much for all your support. We are so stoked to watch the #Hitcase community grow. Starting a year and a half ago with three followers, we have watched the community expand across the globe sharing their adventures big and small. THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME!!!! Thank you for helping us spread “#hitcase”.


Hit it!

How an iPhone Case Improved my Life as an Adventurer and Traveler

Hitcase Pro, News.

Hitcase Pro and ChestR EDC

Yes, I know, It’s quite a claim to say that an aftermarket housing for a mobile device can change my life. But it has and it’s called the Hitcase Pro. Obviously it’s not major life altering changes but it has made certain elements of my unique lifestyle a little bit better.

I travel around the world for a living. Looking for beautiful sights, seeking adventure and sharing it with good people I meet along the way with an always-ready-live-memory-recording-device in hand. The basic concept of the most tangible way of capturing moments haven’t really changed in a hundred years, photography. But the methods have evolved greatly. To a constant traveler living out of a backpack like myself, a clunky but high-end DSLR camera isn’t the pinnacle of photography but something that fits a different equation; compact + rugged + reliable + waterproof + multifunctional + great photos.

I’m no mathematician but the simplified equation could be; iPhone + Hitcase.

I’ve been using using the Hitcase Pro for almost as long as the company has existed. In fact, I still use the very same case I first purchased about a couple of years ago. Considering how much (loving) abuse I put through it, that’s pretty damn impressive. It’s got dents, scratches and abrasions all over it. However, it’s quite beautiful with character as it’s more like patina or battle scars on a tank that’s been through wars but still has much life left. This is one of the reasons how the Hitcase Pro has changed my life… It has given me a solid peace of mind of the safety of the precious iPhone it so diligently protects. I can not only be carefree about not breaking my iPhone but take it with on my person in any possible environment. As a lifestyle traveler and adventurer, this is a game changer.

GoPro’s have become the ubiquitous adventure camera but when you add “travel” to the mix, there is a better alternative. I should know as I’ve equipped the Hero 2 for the first few months of traveling the world. It served me well (albeit clunky) with great action shots and was relatively tough, until it failed completely one day. Luckily I still had my iPhone but missed the wide shots as the panoramic apps just didn’t cut it. But the Hitcase Pro just came out and purchased it immediately.

It was like having a GoPro crammed into an iPhone.

There was a moment where I was happy that my Hero 2 broke down as I wouldn’t have found Hitcase otherwise. So with this new setup, my photos became a lot more interesting because of the fact that it was always with me ready to be activated with a moment’s notice – because you know, it’s a mobile phone and you always have that on you. So documenting my travels and adventures became a seamless and effortless action, like having a bionic third eye.

Like any tool or gadget, it’s only as useful as the person using it, but it’s the potential of those things that really make a difference. In the many months from around the world of hard use I’ve gotten with the Hitcase Pro, it has improved my life as an adventurer and traveler.

Hitcase Introduces The Hitcase Pro+: Interchangeable Lenses, ShockWave Sound

Hitcase PRO+, News.

New TrueLUX Interchangeable Lenses

We’re stoked to launch our new Hitcase Pro+ model that now has our most requested feature, removable lenses! Our 3X SuperWide zoom lens has been totally redesigned from the ground up and improved. Our TrueLUX technology makes the lens sharper and now completely removes vignetting in both photo and video modes, a first for any iPhone lens!

The Hitcase Pro+ has a new front panel with an easy to use “twist on” lens mount that lets you quickly swap lenses on the fly even with gloves on.

The Hitcase Pro+ comes with both the 3X SuperWide zoom lens that’s perfect for action sports and a Flat Lens for a slimmer lens profile and a standard field of view. Both lenses have anti reflective and hard coatings for excellent color and scratch protection.

ShockWave Sound

We improved the sound quality in the Hitcase Pro+ to be 2X better while retaining the same durability and waterproof protection down to 33 feet. Our new ShockWave audio seal gives you iproved clarity and better audio quality for both making calls and recording adventure videos. Capture more detail in your recordings compared to other rugged and waterproof products on the market.

Pro+ Upgrade Kit Available!

Already have a Hitcase Pro 5 but want the improved TrueLUX swappable lenses and ShockWave sound? We have you covered with our Hitcase Pro+ Upgrade kit. The kit comes with a new cover designed for the new lenses, both the TrueLUX 3X SuperWide lens and the flat lens (does not include ShootR monopod). See more details here.

Comes With Our New ShootR Pocketable Monopod

Each Hitcase Pro+ comes with our new ShootR monopod. We designed the ShootR monopod in house because the ones we were using were either too big, too heavy or not waterproof enough for our needs. Lightweight, waterproof, and designed for Hitcase, the ShootR is collapsible down to a 6 inch pistol grip form factor and compact enough to fit into a pocket yet extends to almost 19 inches to capture wide angle selfie shots or get high above the crowd for “bird’s eye view” perspective.

Easy Mounting RailSlide System

Of course the Hitcase Pro+ retains all the best features of earlier versions including complete compatibility to our wide family of easy to use RailSlide mounts. With RailSlide the Hitcases  slide on and off in seconds. A locking mechanism holds the case firmly and steadily. We have mounts for motorcycles, cars, boats, roll cages, surf boards and anything else you can imagine. You can even use our RailSlide® mounts with your GoPro cameras as all mounts are GoPro compatible.

Still Waterproof To 33 Feet

The new lenses and improved audio does not take away from the durability that is a key component of all Hitcases. The Hitcase ShockSeal and ShockPad dual seal system works in tandem to provide maximum water sealing and shock protection. This unique combination allows the Hitcase PRO+ to be waterproof up to 33 feet and lets your iPhone take drops from up to 10 feet.

Compatible With iPhone 5/5s/5c

Hitcase Pro+ works with all versions of iPhone 5.

Hitcase Pro+ is a complete protection and adventure recording system for your iPhone. It’s an enabling device that lets you capture your outdoor adventures for sharing in realtime.

Shoot, send and share amazing footage, whenever, and wherever you are.