Hitcase’s Latest Tips and Tricks Video, Resizing For Instagram

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Tired of Instagram resizing your photos and videos? Want to keep your original wide perspective intact? You can keep your shots the way you want using one of our favorite apps, Instasize. Watch the video where we walk you through the interface.

Download Instasize for photos here.

Download Instasize for videos here.

Sean Pettit Joins The Hitcase Family

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sean pettit for hitcase

Another week, another top athlete has signed on to Hitcase. Things are going to get crowded at the Hitcase family table this Christmas. We are stoked to have award winning freeskier Sean Pettit join us. Surprisingly young, even for an X athlete, Sean was signed as a Red Bull Athlete at 13. Since then Sean has been racking up powder awards and accolades non stop.

One of the top freeskiers in the industry, Sean’s innovative and vibrant style can put a smile on anyone’s face because it doesn’t take much to recognize the the magnitude of what he will mean for the future of this sport.

Look for some wild ski footage from Sean’s Hitcase real soon.

Tips and Tricks Teaser – Instagram Tips

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The next video in our Tips and Tricks series will focus on resizing your content for Instagram. We’ll show you a couple of our favourite apps that will allow you to keep the aspect ratios of your original photo or video.

Watch for it around Wednesday Dec. 10th.

Be sure to see our previous Tips and Tricks videos on our Youtube channel.


Do you have ideas for a future Tips and Tricks video? Tell us in the comments below!

Welcome To The Family Geoff Brown!

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geoff brown hitcase welcome

Congratulations to Geoff Brown for joining the Hitcase team! Geoff is a big hitter, an amazing backcountry snowboarder from Whistler. Geoff has been rockin Hitcase for about a year now after fellow snowboarder Trevor Karl gave him a Hitcase.

Geoff has been a fan of Hitcase since that initial introduction and we have been looking forward to working together since that time. We are so pumped to have such a stoker and extremely talented athlete on the team.

For Geoff, the Hitcase just makes sense for what he does. He is a mad social media guy, with a Hitcase he no longer needs to use his action camera and download videos before uploading, he can upload directly from his iPhone to his Instagram and other social media accounts.

A video posted by Geoff Brown (@geoffbrownsnow) on

Geoff has already made a custom Hitcase mount for capturing over the shoulder pov videos like the example above. Killing it!!!

Glad to have you onboard Geoff. We can’t wait to see all your adventures through the Hitcase lens.

Check out Geoff’s site and follow him.





Hitcase Goes Swimming With GoSwim

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There are so many ways to use the Hitcase that we are always amazed at what our customers come up with.

The people at GoSwim, swimming’s leading provider of educational video content and official technique video supplier of USA Swimming use the iPhone with Hitcase as a coaching tool for swimmers.

GoSwim’s site hosts thousands of videos to teach swimmers perfect form and view other top swimmers in action. Recently, they developed an iPhone app called Deckshot that allows coaches a simple inexpensive way to record their swimmers in the water then review and share the videos with them.

GoSwim chose the Hitcase as their iPhone camera case of choice because according to them “the BEST case for your iPhone is the Hitcase!” and “Cases that are simply waterproof have too narrow field of vision, which makes it incredibly difficult to film unless you’re IN the water and seeing what you’re filming.

For a regular, daily filming, the Hitcase, has a wide angle lens, which allows consistent filming while just walking down the deck.”

Find out what makes the Hitcase so good at waterproofing on our page describing the ShockSeal.

GoSwim liked the Hitcase so much they had us create a special GoSwim bundle for their site’s members and users of Deckshot.

You can find out more about GoSwim and their Deckshot app here. All the footage in the video above was shot with Deckshot and Hitcase.


iPhone Mounts


One of our first priorities when we first came up with the Hitcase concept was to create a fast mounting, easy to use mounting system with many types of mounts so that your iPhone with Hitcase can be attached to anything the user may want.

Slide and Click, The RailSlide Mounting System

Railslide hitcase iphone mount

Our patent pending RailSlide mounting system is auto locking with a one-button trigger release making it the easiest mount you’ve ever used. The Railslide® system has been designed to make it super easy to place your Hitcase just about anywhere.

GoPro Compatible

We recognize the popularity of GoPro® cameras so we designed our mounts to be fully compatible with GoPro Hero cameras. You can put a Hero on anything from our TiltR tripod mount to our mini SuckR suction mounts. Have a bunch of extra GoPro mounts? Hitcase can share those mounts too. GoPro and Hitcase works great together. Hitcase can be used as a second action camera for B roll material. With the GoPro mobile app Hitcase can provide protection in rough conditions when using your iPhone as the GoPro’s preview screen or camera controller.

iPhone Mounts For Every Situation and Location


gopro suckr suction mount

A heavy duty marine-grade mount with two rotating joints the SuckR securely attaches to any smooth, flat, non-porous surface including windshields, windows and two-way mirrors. Both joints lock simultaneously with a single twist lock mechanism. Perfect for cars, trucks or boats.


hitcase-stickr-mount for iphone

A flat multi pronged adhesive base that adapts to any flat or curved surface. The prongs can be cut to fit almost any edge. This all in one solution is one of our most popular mounts due to it’s ultra adaptable mounting capabilities. The Hitcase can rotate a full 360 degrees and tilts 180 degrees on this base.


tiltr iphone tripod mount

Our TiltR tripod mount lets you attach the Hitcase to any standard tripod or universal mount. It has a metal 1/4″-20 thread mount on the base that fits standard tripods.

TubulR, MotoR, RollR: Our trio of mounts for handlebars, pipes, roll bars, racks and cages.

tubulr-mount for hitcase

Quickly strap your Hitcase to handlebars, tubes, poles and more in seconds with this easy to use mount. Use inexpensive replaceable zip ties for optimal positioning. Mount offers 360° pivoting and 180° tilt.


hitcase-iphone motor-mount

Want to shoot action videos from your mountain bike or ATV’s handlebars? The MotoR for Hitcase is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s perfect for bars and cages. Get a dual joint ball and socket articulated arm with single lock convenience on a tube mount.



A mount for larger rollbars or truck sports racks. The RollR uses a V base saddle and hose clamp for secure mounting onto large diameter bars and irregular oval shapes.


hitcase-chestr-chest-harness-mount for gopro and hitcase

Mount your Hitcase on your chest for hands free recording. Made of comfortable and rugged neoprene this is the perfect mount for mountain biking, skiing, surfing, kayaking and more. The unique 3 point harness makes it easy to attach and remove. Like all our mounts it rotates your camera 360° and pivots 180°. A handy pocket and headphone loop on the ChestR gives you quick access to your keys, credit cards or passes.

ChestR is GoPro mount compatible too! We dare say that our ChestR is better designed, easier to use and more comfortable than the standard GoPro chest mount.


hitcase floatr iphone mount

The Hitcase FloatR is a comfortable bandolier sling made of soft neoprene fabric, making it comfortable for all day wear and suitable for all water sports. The FloatR’s design keeps your Hitcase floating behind you weightless while you swim or move around in water!


hitcase shootr monopod

The ShootR is our in house designed monopod specifically for outdoor use. We wanted something light, compact, waterproof and durable for our own shooting needs. ShootR is small enough to fit in a jacket pocket yet provides enough reach to give you dramatic wide angle shots.

The Hitcase has the mounts you need to place your iPhone and Hitcase anywhere you choose.



shockproof waterproof action camera case for iphone

Dual Shockproof System For Your iPhone

Besides being one of the most durable waterproof iPhone cases on the market, the Hitcase incorporates a patent pending shock absorbing system called the ShockPad and ShockSeal. These two components work in conjunction to provide extraordinary protection against bumps and drops for your iPhone.

Hitcase’s unique dual seal combination of ShockPad and ShockSeal does two things, one it allows all Hitcases be waterproof up to 33 feet and two, protect and cushion your iPhone from drops up to 10 feet.

shockproof  rugged waterproof iphone camera case with changeable lenses

Water Seal and Shock Absorber In One

The ShockSeal, acts as both a water barrier and shock absorber. The single piece design wraps around the phone providing protection without gaps. The single unit makes a more reliable seal and when the ShockSeal and ShockPad are snapped together, they take up less volume, saving space.

Designing the ShockSeal as a single unit means removing it is fast and easy for cleaning or in the unlikely instance where you need to replace the seal. Modularity and replaceablility is built into the design of the Hitcase. Our goal is to make almost every part inexpensive and easy to replace.

drop proof waterproof iphone action camera case with changeable lenses

Premiere ShockProof iPhone Case

The finely engineered ShockPad made of xxxxxxx contains grooves cut to allow moisture vapor to escape to prevent screen cover fogging. The grooves also provide extra shock absorption. Every component that make up the Hitcase has been finely considered. The replaceable cover, replaceable ShockSeal & ShockPad, metal hinges, swappable lenses, all these components have the attention to detail and quality you won’t find in any other iPhone case. When you buy the Hitcase you are buying the absolute best shockproof, ruggedized iPhone case with the best customer service available.





How Waterproof Is The Hitcase?

All Hitcases go through rigorous waterproof testing before shipping. Since the very first Hitcase, our waterproof design has been one of the most reliable and deepest surviving on the market. Waterproof protection up to 33 feet and and shock absorption are provided by our special ShockSeal and ShockPad system.

This unique dual seal combination allows the all Hitcases to be waterproof up to 33 feet and protect and cushion your iPhone from drops from up to 10 feet.

The ShockSeal is the heart and soul of the Hitcase. We spent more time developing and testing our watertight shockproof seal than other companies spend developing their whole case. Our CAD expert Keddie along with Brooks our founder spent countless months making minor adjustments and ordering dozens of silicone prototypes to fine tune the Hitcase’ seal to make it perfect. Several hundred hours of computer simulation were completed for our underwater performance simulations using the same computers NASA uses.

hitcase-shockseal-shockpad for iphone 6

What Sets The ShockSeal Apart From Other iPhone Case Seals?

Other cases have only a single seal, typically an o-ring to prevent water from seaping into the case, this single point of contact makes it more vulnerable to failure. Our patented ShockSeal has a dual seal design built into a single unit. This provides and extra level of security when you are in rough water environments. Take the Hitcase kayaking, surfing or snorkling. You can be assured your iPhone is not going to get soaked because it is designed for hard waves and use in deep waters. In fact the Hitcase can go down to a depth of 33 feet. That is 3 to 10 times deeper than any other iPhone case!

hitcase shockseal for iphone, waterproof iphone case

The Best Ideas Are Simple Ones, Both Water Seal and Shock Absorber In One Unit

The ShockSeal, being both a water barrier and shock absorber in one has several benefits. The single piece design wraps around the phone providing protection without gaps. The single unit makes a more reliable seal and combining the two elements saves space. Creating the ShockSeal as a single piece also makes replacing it simple and quick for easy cleaning or in the unlikely scenario where you will need to swap it out. That modular replaceablility is part of the Hitcase design philosophy. Our goal is to make almost every part inexpensive and easy to replace.

hitcase waterproof dropproof iphone case

A Premium Quality iPhone Case

waterproof and rugged iphone case hitcase

The ShockSeal is only one component out of many where we sweated out the fine details to an obsessive degree. The Hitcase cover, the lens of the Hitcase Pro, the brushed metal button covers and hinges, the finely engineered ShockPad, all these components have the same attention to detail and quality you won’t find in any other iPhone case. We will cover them in future posts but you can be assured when you buy the Hitcase you are buying the absolute best ruggedized iPhone case with the best customer service available.

Reed Hansen Does It Again! Comes Up With New Wakeskate Trick

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Hitcase athlete and wakeskater extraordinaire Reed Hansen has come up with another new trick. Nobody has done this so he doesn’t even know what to call it!

Here’s his Instagram video and text thread to our Mark Zealand and some of his missed shots. Check em out in the video above!

hitcase wakeskate with reed hansen

“New trickery! I have been riding my wakeskate for about 10 years now and landing a new trick never gets old. Even if it is just a new trick to me it is still fun, but in this case I don’t think anyone has ever done this one on a wakeskate. I don’t even know what it’s called, maybe some of you can help me out. I also got to put in some serious time in with the @hitcase and mouth mount attachment. It took the beating of my hundreds of attempts.”