Pixar’s John Lasseter Predicts Moviemaking Coming to iPhones

Hitcase, Hitcase 6.

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When we first came up with the Hitcase 4/4S we had a vision that the future of photography and video making would be the norm on smartphones. It’s good to know we’re on the right track as Pixar co-founder and movie maker extraordinaire John Lasseter predicts the next big thing for movies is the iPhone and GoPro.

“[The iPhone and GoPro] give a vibrancy you have never been able to have before … I think a new film grammar is going to come with these things,” Lasseter said, according to Variety.

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Introducing The Mini SuckR

Hitcase 6, Waterproof iPhone Case.

How often have you wanted to quickly mount your Hitcase on your car or gear but didn’t want to permanently glue on a mount? We’ve got your solution right here.

The Hitcase Mini SuckR is a tiny suction mount that is both strong and quick mounting. You can suction mount it to your car, boat, window or any flat surface in seconds. A quick snap latch and a unique suction material secures the SuckR to any clean smooth surface.

Shot Entirely On An iPhone With Hitcase: Amber Torrealba

Big Hitters, Hitcase 6.

Catch our team member Amber Torrealba’s video The Roots as she films her usual day of skimming, skating and adventuring.

Shot entirely on Amber’s iPhone with Hitcase, it might just blow your mind how capable your iPhone actually is. Watch the video and be the judge for yourself. Hit It!

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Shot Entirely On An iPhone Using Hitcase

Hitcase 6, News.

“Shot Entirely On An iPhone Using Hitcase”. That’s a phrase you will be seeing a lot more often now. Look at this footage from snow afficionados Doglotion.com put together of their ski trip to Japan. The quality of the video coming from the iPhone constantly amazes us. While the iPhone can provide extraordinary footage, Hitcase is the other part of the equation that allows you to get video in extreme conditions like snow, rain or even underwater. The swappable wide angle 3X SuperWide TrueLUX lens gives sharp high rez iPhone videos an immersive quality that sucks the viewer in.

Currently available for the iPhone 5S/5C/5, the Hitcase will be soon be available for all you iPhone 6 lovers out there. Be sure to get on our mail list so you’re the first to receive the shipping announcement. http://www.hitcase.com/iphone6

Hitcase Captures New York Fashion Week

Hitcase 6, Press.

Thanks for the shout out People!
Did you see this piece from People as they document New York Fashion Week using a Hitcase? Reporter Erik Goldie goes backstage and front and center to shoot the happenings from both behind the scenes and beside the catwalk. You can see how the wide angle lens really captures all the commotion during makeup and a great front row perspectiv as the models strut their stuff on the catwalk.


Alex Andrews Snowboarding with the ShootR Pole

Big Hitters, Hitcase PRO+.

All of our Hitcase PRO+ packages come with our aluminum ShootR pole (selfie stick) bundled for free!

Here is a perfect demo video of Alex Andrews using his Hitcase PRO+ and ShootR pole with an iPhone 5s. So much powder on the east coast!!

Our free Vidometer App has a new upgrade!


Vidometer Data Telemetry App for iPhone has been updated to support high framerate recording. Record in 60fps, 120fps, and 240fps on supported devices.

Now you can click your speed then Slo Mo your highlights.
Check out this little Instagram edit from our Athlete Geoff Brown.