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HITCASE Hot Tips: Live Feeds & Stories

Facebook Live, Periscope, Snapchat and Instagram Stories:

What do they have in common? HITCASE makes them better.

There are two types of people active on social media these days: Those who are live streaming and sharing stories, and those who are aware of these platforms but are too timid to test the water themselves. It doesn’t matter which category you find yourself in. The party is just getting started. No cares if you’re late, as long as you show up looking good. HITCASE is here to help you.

The HITCASE ecosystem of lenses, mounts, and waterproof case options is the best thing to put on your iPhone before you hit share, send, or broadcast. Don’t believe us? We’ll show you the tools they offer and techniques to make your feed pop.

SUPER WIDE Hitcase-Snap-Lifestyle-Web-04


The Platforms:

Yes, yes, we know you millennials are seasoned chickens when it comes to the new-new of social media. We break down the platforms and the cases and lenses Hitcase offers to take it to the next level.

Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat:

Watch those fingers, boy. This beef is fire hot. We spent our days tiredly toggling between the same three apps. Then Instagram came and adopted most of the things we loved from Snapchat. Instagram Stories is user-friendly and already connected to your current Instagram and Facebook following. We wait for Snapchat’s next big trick. If you haven’t been brave enough to tackle Snap. Your time has come to produce some kick-ass Instagram Stories with your iPhone and Hitcase. If you were a Snapchat early adopter and sticking with the OG story maker, they’ve got you too.


Hitcase Snap equipped with the TrueLUX Wide lens is a must. Show your followers more with 104° field of view. Or get submerged with the fully waterproof HITCASE Pro and stop people dead in their feed. The underwater world is one you’ll want to share. Who has underwater stories? Nobody does. Wait! You do! Slap the HITCASE Pro on your iPhone. Share when you get to the surface and blow minds.



Story Tip:

Random one-offs can be sweet (we’re not talking about one night stands), but thought out clips and images that engage and carry your audience is where it’s at. Script your followers through your day, event, or epic party. While Instagram Stories and Snapchat are a perfect place to be loose with your curated artistic side. Your followers will appreciate the extra effort you put into telling your tale. 

Pro Tip:

Love your Snapchat filter and want to share it on an Instagram Story? Make your video or photo in Snap. Then, hold the download button (downward arrow on the bottom left hand side). This will save it to your camera roll. While in Instagram Stories swipe down from the top. This will give you access to all of the photos / video you’ve taken in the last 24 hours. Voila, dog-face grams.


Instagram Stories 2


Periscope & Facebook Live 

Where are the Tweeters at? We all have our go-to platform for news and communication. If yours is Twitter, dive into Periscope. Interact with your audience while sharing the scene, vibe, and surroundings of your life. Talk to your people, walk with them, shred a mountain or a surf break with all your followers. They’ll be thankful you did.

Facebook is your thing? Your TV audience awaits. Just like you always dreamed of as a kid. The great thing about Facebook is whether you’re a business or socialite; Facebook is not currently limiting how many followers you reach with your streams. Your Facebook friends and their friend’s friends are waiting for you to step up and stream your life. And they will watch. The better it looks the longer they’ll be there. Again, we got you covered.


Tools: How pro do you want to go? Sky’s the limit with Hitcase. ShootR pole selfie stick is a must to keep your iPhone at a proper distance. It’s packaged with HITCASE Snap and HITCASE Pro Plus. Their wide lenses (both TrueLUX Wide and Superwide) are key for capturing the bigger picture. Hosting an interview? How to? Cooking show? Wedding, birth, or briss? Stabilize your iPhone hands free with the StickR or TiltR mounts.



We get it. Hitting the broadcast button for the first time can be nerve-racking. Don’t be afraid to watch a few Periscope’s and Facebook Live’s first and see what’s working and not for other people. Be yourself and interact with the audience. Don’t be shy and don’t hesitate to jump in.

Pro Tip:

Have a plan. Write a script. You don’t need a speechwriter. A few sticky notes to make sure you hit all of your points may be all you need. And do not get lost in the commentary, stay on task; and don’t forget to smile!

Seems life is always sunshine and lollypops in the world of social media. Pair the live streaming and story making apps with Hitcase for iPhone and it’ll be sweeter than it is already.


…More HITCASE products on offer for Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Live Streaming

Lenses, lenses, lenses. Sending the good vibes from where you are isn’t going to translate unless people really see it as it should be seen.

TrueLUX Wide: It is your go-to, must-have, “where have you been all my life” lens. Instantly doubles your field of view without distorting quality. Your world at an arms length just got twice as big.

Wide Lens 2

TrueLUX Superwide: Oh, yes! Fisheye perspective brings everyone into your world. It’s a no brainer for any action sports. Heck, anything awesome. Pair this one with the HITCASE Pro and get wild. Dive off docks, head into waterfalls, Snapchat your festival experience. It’s all going down.

Super Wide

TrueLUX Macro: Don’t sleep on the macro. Three times magnification for your story. Go to the garden, or get your beehive on! Stop the scroll-trolls dead in their track and blow their mind. “Honeycomb!? Are you kidding me?!”


Mounts: OK here’s where it gets real. Set up shop on a StickR mount or run the TiiltR on a tripod. Or rock the ShootR selfie stick and roam your walking and talking monologue while keeping your audience engaged in the action.


Follow HITCASE on social media for plenty of examples of lenses, mounts, and how to make the most of yours.




Waterproof Cases for iPhone 7 on the Way!

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With Apples official launch of the iPhone 7, we are excited to announce that production has already begun on the HITCASE PRO and HITCASE SHIELD for the iPhone 7.

The HITCASE SHIELD is the world’s thinnest IP68 rated waterproof iPhone case. It will be available this fall for iPhone 7. Apple’s announced iPhone 7 has built in water-resistance for accidental water exposure or splashes, which is fantastic news for iPhone users and even better news for HITCASE users seeking adventure with their fully waterproof HITCASES. Sleek, durable, lightweight and beautifully crafted, everything you want in a phone case with protection you can trust in water and on land. The HITCASE SHIELD for iPhone 7 will launch this November.

The HITCASE PRO for iPhone 7 will be available for pre-order later this year. The PRO case takes HITCASE customers even further and adventuring farther with it’s versatile Railside mounting system for hands free live video streaming and video capture. It allows interchangeable TrueLUX (fisheye, wide, macro) lens options giving customers a suite of creative tools to capture and share their adventures directly from their iPhone, no cameras needed.

The Danocracy Review

Hitcase, News.

So this is awesome… We sent Dan Rodo some gear to test out for his review. Dan has his own channel on YouTube and he seems to keep people engaged and laughing throughout his twice-a-week blogs. It was no brainer to send him some gear in hopes HITCASE might get him stoked. It did. Here is his review in all it’s Danocracy glory.

Discovery Shark Week – Underwater Livestream Thursday June 30, 11am



Discovery Channel and HITCASE are partnering up during Shark Week this year to do an underwater livestream on June 30, 2016 at 11am Eastern Time (GMT-4).

The underwater livestream off the coast of Florida in known shark habitat, will be hosted by HITCASE with shark ecologist and filmmaker Rob Stewart, director of the film Sharkwater. Stewart will be equipped only with his iPhone 6s protected by HITCASE PRO+.

Stewart will stream his free dive to multiple social media platforms, reaching Discovery Channel fans and viewers using Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope.

HITCASE PRO+ is a waterproof iPhone case that lets go deeper underwater than any other iPhone case. With beautiful colour accuracy, super fast focusing, and the ability to film in 4K and with multiple frame rate options, iPhone lets filmmakers capture and create stunning, pro-level content

Shark Week Fans – to celebrate this first of a kind Livestream, HITCASE is offering a Limited Edition Shark Week branded HITCASE PRO+ for iPhone.


HITCASE Announces Partnership With Discovery’s SHARK WEEK



VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwired – June 14, 2016) –

Editor’s Note: There is one image associated with this news release.

HIT Technologies Inc. (TSX VENTURE:HIT) (“HIT” or the “Company”), designs, develops, manufactures and distributes the world’s most advanced adventure products for iPhone under the brand HITCASE, is taking the iPhone, encased in the high-performing waterproof HITCASE PRO, to new depths. The Vancouver-based team will facilitate a social livestream shark dive to be broadcast on the Shark Week and Hitcase Facebook pages during Shark Week. Shark Week kicks off Sunday, June 26th on Discovery.

The underwater livestream will be hosted by Team Hitcase with shark ecologist and filmmaker Rob Stewart, director of the film Sharkwater, who will wear a mounted Hitcase while free diving off the coast of Florida in known shark habitat. With beautiful colour accuracy, super fast focusing, and the ability to film in 4K and with multiple frame rate options, iPhone lets filmmakers capture and create stunning, pro-level content. Equipped only with his Hitcase protected iPhone 6s, Stewart will stream his free dive with the Sharks to multiple social media platforms, reaching Discovery Channel fans viewers using Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope on Thursday, June 30th.

To celebrate this first of a kind Livestream, HITCASE is offering a Limited Edition Shark Week branded Hitcase Pro+ for iPhone, available June 13. “We’re unbelievably excited to take millions of people on a dive with sharks realtime, something they can watch in their living room but still be there in person to discover and connect with these beautiful and intense creatures. It’s amazing to be a part of such a significant broadcast and to partner with Discovery to reach so many people,” said HITCASE Founder and CEO Brooks Bergreen. “Over the years Shark Week has become a culturally significant event with programming that both inspires and educates. Now, using HITCASE PRO, we can bring viewers along for the underwater thrill ride using the same camera phone that so many of them have in their own pockets.”

As proud supporters of the ocean advocacy group Oceana, HITCASE encourages all Shark Week viewers to get actively involved in the non-profit’s global shark conservation campaigns by going to oceana.org/join.

About Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel, (NASDAQ:DISCA) the flagship network of Discovery Communications, is devoted to creating the highest quality entertainment in the world and remains one of the most dynamic networks on television. We provide an engaging and insightful line-up of high-quality non-fiction entertainment. Our shows span blue-chip nature, science and technology, ancient and contemporary history and adventure, as well as cultural and topical documentaries. First launched in 1985, Discovery Channel is the #1 international channel in Asia-Pacific, reaching over 230 million viewers every month, and the leading regional channel across Asia-Pacific among the Affluent.

For press-related enquiries, please email marketing_DNAP@discovery.com

About HIT Technologies Inc.

HIT Technologies Inc. (TSX VENTURE:HIT) develops and markets a portfolio of products under the brand HITCASE® that transform Apple iPhones into mountable high-performing, weather- and shock-resistant video cameras. Both its, flagship product, HITCASE® PRO and HITCASE SNAP allow users to easily capture action photo and video content hands-free, using a variety of HIT Technologies’ patented Railslide® mounts that attach to virtually any surface. Swappable lenses and accessories provide a variety of perspectives otherwise unattainable. HIT Technologies is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. For more information about HITCASE, visit www.HITCASE.com. Search #hitcase on Instagram to see some of the amazing images created by HITCASE customers.

For press-related enquiries, please visit http://www.hitcase.com/press

About Rob Stewart and Sharkwater

Rob Stewart is a biologist, activist and filmmaker known for two of Canada’s biggest theatrical documentaries – Sharkwater and Revolution – winners of more than 50 international awards. Sharkwater is credited as igniting the movement to protect sharks from shark fin soup, was seen by more than 124 million people and resulted in government policy changing to ban the practice of finning. Stewart’s third film Sharkwater Extinction is in production and scheduled for release in September 2017. Stewart is also founder of United Conservationists – creators of the Fin Free and Shark Free movements. www.sharkwater.com and finfree.org

To view the image associated with this news release, please visit: http://www.marketwire.com/library/20160614-1058867.jpg

Contact Information

3 Tips To More Exciting Skateboard Videos Using A TrueLux™ Wide Angle Lens

Tips and Tricks, Waterproof iPhone Case.

3 tips to making better skateboarding videos with wide angle lens

“The Hitcase is good because there’s no transferring. When you film a trick, you can upload it right away,” said team rider Ryan Decenzo.

Taking professional video on an iPhone has its many advantages, especially when filming documentary-style or in the moment skate videos. Because it’s readily available, you are always in place for the action and to top it off you can easily edit the videos on the go or at the shoot.

Once you’re ready and want to use your Hitcase TrueLUX™ Wide Angle Lens to film like a professional, try following these three simple tips.

1. Steady your shot.
Let the skater enter on one side of the frame and exit on the other. This keeps the camera from moving too much and allows the viewer to focus more on the trick. It also creates visual cues indicating the beginning and end of the shot. It takes some practice, but this simple skill will add a dynamic element to each clip.

2. Get closer to the action.
The best part of having a Hitcase with a TrueLUX™ Wide Angle Lens is that it combines protection for your phone with a professional quality wide angle lens. To take full advantage of these benefits, get close to the action. The closer you get to the trick, the more the viewer feels like they are right there. There’s no danger of harming your phone, thanks to the solid case.

3. Film from a low vantage point.
When you film a trick from above, it feels further from the camera than it really is. It might look like a mini board doing tricks on the end of a very long-legged skater. Instead, shoot from a low vantage point and get close up to get the best angle.

A final reminder that can be applied to all of these tips is to keep the skater and board in the frame. If you really want to get technical, enable the grid and use the rule of thirds as a guideline to where you position the main element of the scene.

“It’s the best wide angle lens to use with snapchat for skate clips,” Said team rider Ryan Decenzo.

Being a good skateboard filmmaker takes a lot of practice, but with time you can master the art, become a pro and who knows maybe even be an award winning filmmaker like Ty Evans.

Article contributed by skateboard enthusiast and photographer James Houser.

Discovery Channel #SharkWeek 2016

Events, Hitcase, News, Waterproof iPhone Case.

Discovery Channel Shark Week returns June 26. Shark Week is an annual event that brings you shark-based programming for a whole week.

This year, HITCASE is excited to be part of the week long programming event. HITCASE PRO is a waterproof, mountable, go-anywhere case that will be swimming with the sharks this year!

Stay tuned for more information.

Best Buy Review: Protect your iPhone with Hitcase

iPhone Case Reviews.

This article is by Shelly Wutke, Editor Appliances and Home & Lifestyle

Original Article published @ plug-in.bestbuy.ca

hitcase.jpgWe take our phones everywhere with us. They pop in our pocket, purse, or backpack, and if you had to count how many times you pull it out during the day, you’d probably hit the high hundreds. That’s if you ever put it away in the first place.
Although smartphones are a high-use item, they are also extremely fragile. If you let it hit the ground, the screen could shatter. Accidentally drop them in water? You’ll be running for a rescue pouch or a bag of rice then cooling your heels while you wait and see if it will recover. I’ve even seen people sit on their phones and actually alter the shape, all because they forgot to take it out of their back pocket.
That’s why we use cases on our smartphones, but not all cases are created equal. There are cases that are purely cosmetic, letting you add a bit of your own personality to your phone, and cases that are built to stand up to anything.
I fall into the cosmetic case category, although I know better. I’ve already lost an iPhone 6 to a smashed screen and another to a drop in the pond in the back of my house. I’ve tried waterproof and shockproof cases before, but I didn’t use them long term because I found them too cumbersome for my pocket.
That’s where Hitcase comes in. Hitcase has an iPhone case that’s shock-proof and waterproof, but it also comes with something extra. Hitcases have interchangeable TrueLux Lenses, and if you’ve ever wished your iPhone had the capability to be a bit more creative in the photography department, this is something you’ll love as much as I do.
I was interested in seeing whether or not Hitcase would do two things: protect my phone and give me more flexibility when taking pictures, and it hit the mark on both counts.
Here’s a look at the two Hitcases I tried out.iPhone6HitcasePro+.jpg
Hitcase PRO+ Waterproof Photo Case
The first case I snapped on was the Hitcase PRO+ Waterproof Photo Case. It’s a hard, plastic case that feels quite heavy in your hand. Here are a few quick specs:

  • Waterproof up to 30 feet or 10 metres
  • Absorbs impact when you’re phone is dropped and Shockseal keeps water and dust out
  • TrueTouch screen protector protects your screen while still allowing you to tap
  • Shockwave audio seal gives you protection while still allowing for decent sound recording
  • Has a TrueLUX wide lens to give you 170 degree field of view
  • Case has a railside mount system that’s compatible with GoPro mounts
  • Includes a selfie stick aka pocket-sized ShootR extension pole and monopod for shooting action
  • Includes StickR surface mount so you can mount it to any flat surface

TrueLUX Lenses Hitcase.jpgTesting out the Hitcase Pro+

Putting on the Hitcase PRO+ waterproof photo case is really easy. After you undo all of the corners you need to use a coin to unlatch it. Once unlatched, just open up the case, snap it back on over your phone, and make sure the edges are securely closed. Before you take it into water, be absolutely positive the seals on all corners and the charging port are sealed shut.
As I’ve mentioned, I’ve lost a few phones in my time due to screen factures and water damage, so I wasn’t feel so adventurous that I wanted to test by throwing my phone against a tree or anything like that. I did drop it right on pavement a few times, completely not on purpose, and it came through fine. I’m not anywhere near an ocean or body of water to try it out right now, but I did toss it in the sink and hope for the best. Thankfully it was bone dry when I pulled it out of the case.
It’s nice to know the phone is protected, but for me the real appeal of the Hitcase is the additional wide-angle lens. The TrueLUX lens screws right onto the front of the case with two simple turns, and if you’ve never tried adding a lens to your iPhone, you’re in for a treat.
The first photo was taken without the TrueLUX lens, the second photo taken with. As you can see, it really does let you take in more of your surroundings.

Hitcase without the lens.jpg
Regular iPhone 6 camera
Hitcase wide angle lens.jpg
With the TrueLUX lens on the Hitcase Pro+

The wide-angle lens is great for video too. You can use it anywhere you’d normally take video with your iPhone. I took some video with it that I included in my video below.
The Hitcase PRO+ Waterproof photo case also has the Railslide mounting system built right into the case. That means you can connect it to your helmet car, bike, or anywhere on your body. Hitcase does sell mounts, but the Railslide mounting system is compatible with Gopro mounts too.
Although you can use the mounting system easily, I’d only recommend it if you’re doing some sort of activity where you don’t need to worry about image stabilization. My husband mounted the Hitcase Pro+ to his handlebars with his GoPro mount and took it for a spin down the trail. While he loved the wide-angle view he got from the TrueLUX lens, with no image stabilization you can definitely see what a bumpy ride it was.
Overall thoughtsHitcase Snap and Hitcase Pro+.jpg
The Hitcase PRO+ Waterproof Photo Case is one I’d trust my phone with when I take it with me on an adventure, and for water protection and shock protection, it does an amazing job. I wouldn’t use it every day because the TrueTouch screen isn’t as responsive as the iPhone screen and I like to use touch to login for everything.
You can charge your phone while it’s in the Hitcase Pro+, but at first I really didn’t think you could. The first couple of times I tried to plug in it wouldn’t connect, but I quickly realized two things: it only works with Apple certified cords, so you won’t be able to charge with an after market cord. You also have to really work to connect the phone with the charger. I had to push it with two fingers before it made a connection, but that’s understandable in a case designed to be water resistant.
For daily use, I turned to the Hitcase Snap.
Features on the Hitcase Snap
The Hitcase Snap is one of my favourite iPhone cases, and I have tried a lot. Here are a few of the features:

  • Hard, durable plastic shell
  • Lightweight, easy to put on, and has no touchscreen cover so you can use your iPhone’s screen as is
  • Includes wide-angle TrueLUX lens which snaps on with two turns
  • Includes ShootR extension pole and TiltR tripod mount

Hitcase Snap Review.jpgTrying it out
The Hitcase Snap is easy to put on your phone. Just snap it on and you’re good to go.
Because there is no cover for the screen you can use your iPhone to its full capability (touch, tap) while still protecting the sides and back. The case does a better job of fully covering the profile of the phone than other cases I’ve tried, so if you drop it on an angle, it should protect it.
The TrueLUX lens is the same wide-angle lens as on the Hitcase Pro+, and it takes the same great photos. The Hitcase Snap also has the Railslide mount system that you can use if you’re hiking, biking, or doing any activity, but you’ll get the same type of image stabilization as you’d get on the Hitcase Pro+ so I’d recommend using it for smooth types of activities.
Overall thoughts
The Hitcase Snap is one that easily fits into a back pocket or bag, and this is a case I use on a daily basis, especially considering you have the opportunity to switch out the lens whenever you want to.
Here’s a quick video I shot showing how to set up the Hitcase Pro+ and the Hitcase Snap, plus a few quick clips we shot with the TrueLUX lens on.

Extra lenses for HitcasetrueLUX lenses.jpg
The Hitcase Pro+ will protect your phone in any situation, and the Hitcase Snap is a great every day case. But the real star of these cases is the fact you can switch out the lens.
An iPhone camera can only go so far as far as photography is concerned, but so many of us pull our iPhones out to take a picture because we don’t carry a real camera. With Hitcase, you get the convenience of taking photos with your iPhone, but access to the bells and whistles of a great lens. Although each Hitcase only comes with a single wide-angle lens, you can add the TrueLUX iPhone lens kit and get access to two other lenses.
The TrueLUX Superwide will capture a 160-degree view while the TrueLUX macro will magnify whatever you’re snapping up to 3X. They come in an easy-to-carry pouch that you can take along with you wherever you go, and each lens comes on and off with a few twists.
There are benefits to both Hitcases, one to protect while you’re out and one to use daily. Both cases do their job and do it well, and I love having the ability to switch up the lens.
You can find Hitcase on Best Buy right now.

Waterproof Case for iPhone SE

iPhone SE, News.

HITCASE PRO is the ultimate waterproof, shockproof protection for your iPhone SE.

Go deep, down to 33 feet deep. The HITCASE PRO for iPhone SE ShockSeal and ShockPad is a dual seal system that works in tandem to provide maximum water sealing and shock protection. The silicon ShockSeal mates tightly with the ShockPad foam. This unique combination allows the Hitcase PRO to be waterproof up to 33 feet and lets your iPhone SE take drops from up to 10 feet.

Available for your iPhone SE. Get it here: HITCASE PRO for iPhone SE.




The top right of this image is blurry and distorted due to a smudge on the lens.

CLEAN LENS First things first: make sure your lens is clean. Check the inside and outside of the HITCASE lens, as well as the inside of the your iPhone lens. This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s amazing how often we forget to do this. There is nothing worse than reviewing your epic footage only to discover a smudge on the lens ruined all of your shots. Use a microfiber cloth to clean your lens. Don’t use your clothes; (chances are) they are filthy and will scratch your lens. If you are on the lake and there is a big water droplet on your lens, the best way to clean it off is to dunk your (HITCASE PRO only) camera in the water and give it a good shake. We know it sounds counter-intuitive, but trust us – it works.



Touch the screen on the area you want in focus and properly exposed.

FOCUS AND EXPOSURE When shooting, the tip of your finger is magic. Touch different areas of the screen and observe how your iPhone adjusts focus and exposure accordingly. A yellow box appears on your screen over the area that you touch. Notice the sun icon beside the box. You can swipe the sun up or down to adjust the exposure. Always make sure your camera is focussed on the desired subject and exposed properly. If you are wearing sunglasses or goggles, it’s best to take them off while setting focus and exposure — especially if they are polarized. Lock down your Focus and Exposure by holding your finger on the desired area of the screen. Count to three and AE/AF Lock will appear. Notice that the sun icon pops up again. You can swipe it up or down to adjust the exposure; it will stay locked in as youset it. This is really handy if you are shooting video or a sequence of photos, or if you are shooting in an area where the lighting is constantly changing (e.g., a wooded trail).


When taking photos and videos underwater, using the volume buttons to release the shutter is a necessity. Manatee photo by @ambertorrealba

SWIPE UP, OPEN CAMERA Never miss a shot! When the action suddenly happens you won’t have time to type in your passcode and open the camera app. Instead: 1. Click your home button to activate your screen. 2. Swipe up the camera icon located on the bottom left corner of your screen. 3. Boom! Your camera app is open. Get the shot.

SHUTTER RELEASE Volume Buttons: Our favorite way to release the camera’s shutter is by pushing the volume but- tons; either one works. They are in a convenient location for your finger and the tactile feedback is a necessity when shooting underwater. Apple Headphones: Remember those white Apple headphones you got when you bought your iPhone? They also have volume buttons, and they release the camera’s shutter as well. This is a great feature for taking sneaky photos or videos. We also like to use the headphones when we have our HITCASE mounted on a tripod with TiltR. Your headphone cable acts as a remote shutter release and eliminates camera shake.

COMPOSITION is the key to getting your HITCASE images noticed. Any dummy can point and shoot, but it takes a skilled photographer to compose a shot that’s visually appealing and holds the viewer’s attention.

THE GRID The Grid is one of the most useful photography tools on the iPhone. It’s great for applying the Rule of Thirds, keeping the horizon straight and it reminding you to think about composition when taking a photo.


Your camera with The Grid enabled looks like this.

RULE OF THIRDS To Enable the Grid…

1. Open the Settings App.

2. Select Photos & Camera.

3. Scroll down and under the Camera heading is the option for Grid.

4. Enable the Grid by tapping the slider. Green means go!

The Rule of Thirds (which is really just a guideline) is about where you position the main elements of a scene. Open your camera with the Grid enabled. You will see an overlay of four lines: two horizontal and two vertical. The Rule suggests that the most powerful areas of the image are the four points where the lines intersect, and that our eyes are naturally drawn to these areas first. To make your main subject stand out, position it at one of these intersections.When shooting a landscape, align the horizon line with one of the two horizontal grid lines.GGI-pg3-taichi-mtnThis is a good example of the Rule of Thirds in action.

SHOOT FROM UNIQUE ANGLES Rather than taking pictures from eye level, try using the ShootR pole to shoot from really low or really high. This technique can help simplify the composition and also gives a unique viewpoint people don’t usually see.


This was taken using the ShootR pole to get a unique angle from above. Image courtesy of @seanpettit_

LEAVE SPACE FOR MOVEMENT When you look at a photo of someone skiing or jumping off a cliff, your eye tends to look ahead and follow the direction in which they are moving. So when you are taking a shot leave enough space inside the frame for the eye to follow that movement. This generally means leaving more space in front of them than behind them, (unless of course they are skiing backwards). You can also apply this when shooting portraits – naturally your eye tends to follw the person’s gaze, so leave more space in front of them than behind them to give them space to look into.

FRAME YOUR SUBJECT Use foreground objects to create a “frame” around the main subject. Tree branches, archways, win- dows and cave entrances make perfect frames. This naturally draws the eye to your main subject and creates a more visually compelling image. Your eye follows the riders path to the landing. This was taken using the ShootR pole to get a unique angle from above.

BREAK THE RULES Photography is art and no one can tell you how to express yourself